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February 1st 2019permalink

Spiral Technology becomes a member of the global VR/AR Association

1 April 2018, Singapore ― Spiral is pleased to announce that it has become the member of the global VR/AR Association. Both the VR/AR Association and Spiral are dedicated to fostering growth in the augmented reality and mixed reality industries.

As a member, Spiral will participate in the Association's initiatives in South East Asia and will be connected with VR AR organizations to accelerate the market with smart growth. In addition, Spiral Technology will contribute to the VR/AR Enterprise Industry Sector Report due to be published in March/April 2019.

We believe the tipping point will be in 2020, followed by ramping adoption across industrial sectors. This will follow a similar pattern, though on a smaller scale, as enterprise smartphone adoption over the past decade,

writes Artillry Intelligence, research and intelligence unit

We are excited to participate in the VR/AR Association and to interact with all the worldwide members by shaping the global industry ecosystem together

says Andrii Ieroshevych, Spiral's founder and CTO.

For more information please visit www.thevrara.com.

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