mixed reality solutions for industrial automation

Virtual answer for MRO training

May 20th 2020permalink

Aerospace newcomer, Spiral Technology, is focusing its efforts on MR and has developed prototypes for the HoloLens.

Startup Profile 2020: Spiral Technology

April 21st 2020permalink

Spiral Technology’s head-worn augmented reality (AR) systems could help ship owners reduce costs while easing the burdens placed upon workers tasked with maintaining and repairing complex maritime equipment. More details here.

Startup Challenge

September 21st 2019permalink

To find the best and most suitable technologies for the aircraft overhaul of the future, an event called Startup Challenge took place in the Innovation Bay to serve as an innovation accelerator. We scouted 2,000 startups from different fields and selected them according to previously defined criteria. In the end, we invited five to the challenge in Malta. Our expert jury decided which technologies we are going to work with in the future. Two made the cut: Evidato Technologies GmbH, a mobile sensor that serves aircraft as a parking aid, and Spiral Technology, a platform for mixed reality solutions that is suitable for remote maintenance, process control and on-the-job training.

Mixed Reality Should Alter Complex MRO Processes

September 3rd 2019permalink

Large deployments of Mixed Reality in MRO could come quite soon.

Mixed Reality for MRO is not another software package but a whole new approach to aircraft maintenance," stresses Konstantyn Shyshkin, CEO of Spiral Technology. “It will fundamentally change the way technicians interact with information.” Shyshkin predicts it will be applied first to advanced tasks with multiple decision points and options.

Spiral at MRO SouthEast Asia Exhibition

March 6th 2019permalink

Spiral demonstrated its prototypes at the MRO exhibition in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in March. Company's profile featured in the event guide alongside with Turkish Technic and Percival Aviation.

Spiral in review of Arabian Aerospace magazine

February 11th 2019permalink

Arabian Aerospace has covered MRO Middle East where we exhibited last month. Satair signed a contract with Honeywell for the supply of JetWave high-speed communication system. Satair has also entered into an agreement to supply consumables for Boeing and Airbus with Joramco, a Jordanian company that deals with the maintenance and repair of aircraft.

Spiral Technology was also mentioned.

"Spiral Technology chose to exhibit at MRO Middle East for the first time in 2019 to demonstrate mixed reality technology holographic headset aimed at improving the overall productivity of MRO personnel. The technology overlays a digital layer of information over the physical assets themselves, giving engineers the opportunity to work handsfree and have instructions in view. In particular, the technology aims to allow engineers to increase the speed of their operations while simultaneously reducing the number of errors which ultimately decreases engine turnaround time. “This event is a great combination of conference and exhibition,” said Konstantyn Shyshkin, CEO, Spiral Technology."

Reproduced with permission of Arabian Aerospace.

Spiral at MRO Middle East Summit

February 10th 2019permalink

Konstantyn Shyshkin, Spiral Technology's CEO was speaking at the Innovation Panel of the conference associated with MRO Middle East exhibition on 10 February 2019. Spiral's first appearance at the industry event has met by aviation veterans with interest and enthusiasm.